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“If you have tried multiple gym memberships, diet plans, etc. and still can’t get results, you should try Le Tigre X Maximum Fitness. You won’t be disappointed.”

Le Tigre X Maximum Fitness is a personal training facility focused on providing members with life-changing results and a new healthy lifestyle. Let me warn you that it can be addictive though. Their program is definitely not an easy one. The trainers push you every time you go. I feel so much better after I leave though.

K.D. Hill

BTXR Client

“If you want to meet your fitness goals in a safe and secure environment, Le Tigre X Maximum Fitness is the place to be. I could’ve never accomplished my weight loss goals without Le Tigre X Maximum Fitness.”

I’ve had memberships at other gym facilities. You know the ones where people like me go for help in getting healthier, receive an ID card and are left to figure it out on our own. That wasn’t my story; it never happened at Le Tigre X Maximum Fitness. You can never leave for a week without a trainer checking in on you.


BTXR Client



“Le Tigre X Maximum Fitness feels like a family, more than a gym. The clientele are extremely supportive of one another, and they are actually EXCITED (yes, excited) to get their workouts in.”
– Hannah C.

“Del and his associates are fantastic motivators and they just know how to get you to push past limits that you never thought you could.”
– Kncube D.

“Del and the crew at Le Tigre X Maximum Fitness are amazing! I have been going there for over a year and I don’t think I’ve ever done the same exercise twice.”
– Jeff T.

“I look so forward to going , I know I’m going to be pushed to do what it takes. I’m very happy and satisfied that they have me for life.”
– Vicky Cooper

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