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Del Ali Rawlings is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and has traveled the world learning and teaching combat tactics and fitness. From a early age Del noticed he had sort of a save the world complex. He Started by serving as a U.S. Army Light Infantry Ranger, then went on to become a police office in Louisiana after his tenure as a combat soldier. After putting his life on the line to serve and protect his country, he opened a mega self defense and training center in California and Louisiana. Del or commonly known as “Guru” meaning teacher, is a Indo/Filipino Combative Arts Grand Master.


Del has a desire and passion to make an even bigger impact on the world by tackling the issues of adult and childhood obesity. In November 2013 Del developed a blood clot in his left leg. At this time Del was 300 pounds and his health was fading fast while owning a gym. Del came within 24 hours of death due to masive amounts of clotting. That day his mission changed to encompass a change of his own lifestyle. In the following years deep research and experience have influenced his BTXR training method. He has shared with others what helped him lose 100 lbs and brings his body to the best shape it has been in over the last 25 years. Del has always used the mantra “Drive on and do good” for more than 25 years, which simply means to fight through it and prevail.

The Cadre consists of former athletes, military vets, martial arts masters, and ex-law enforcement. All who are certified Personal Trainers and BTXR Regimen Trained to bring out the most in you. Our trainers are witty and full of motivating energy to assist you in obtaining greatness!


Nothing about Le Tigre Maximum Fitness is cookie cutter. Every workout is designed to meet your individual goals and offers something for everyone at any level of fitness. The training is designed to physically exhaust you without resulting in injury. The motto “Drive on and do good” simply means to push beyond the opposition or physical exhaustion.


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